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Shampoo and Extraction Service in Fairbanks & North Pole

Shampoo & Extraction FAQs

How long does this service take?

This additional package can typically add about an hour to two hours on top of the main detail, but the severity of the vehicle can alter that.

Is this a standalone service?

No this service is not a standalone and can either be paired with a full detail or interior detail

Can you guarantee this service will remove every stain?

Unfortunately no as it depends on the fabric, the severity of the stain, and how long it’s been there. Sometimes we can address an area, but due to the fluids and material, a stain is left behind. Once there’s a permanent stain, no matter how much cleaning we do, it’ll be set on the fabric.

Will my seats be drenched when it is done?

The areas we addressed will not be drenched and won’t take hours to dry. By the time we’re done, it will be 90% dry.

Will my vehicle have a chemical smell once the service is complete?

We do not use harsh chemicals and there will not be a trace of any smell other than your clean car. 

Do you remove the seats and carpeting?

We do not. Your seats are one of the most important parts to keep you safe. We would not want to disconnect or move anything around that would compromise that. Along with the carpet we do not remove as well. 

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Are you looking for professional car detailing & shampoo cleaning services in Fairbanks & North Pole?

Whether your vehicle needs a quick refresh or major overhaul, Midnight Sun Mobile Detailing has you covered. We offer a range of services such as full detail, interior cleaning, engine bay cleaning, ceramic coating, paint correction, odor removal, fabric shield, headlight restoration, etc.!

If you have any questions about these services or how we can address your vehicle's concerns, contact us or call/text our team at 727-292-1821 anytime for more information! 

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