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RV & Motorhome Cleaning In Fairbanks & North Pole

If you are looking for an RV detailing service, you have come to the right place, Midnight Sun Mobile Detailing. We offer exterior motorhome cleaning, camper detailing, or RV detailing. If you are on the road, your RV is coming in contact with all sorts of bugs or debris that spatter on your windshield. This becomes dangerous because it obstructs your view. Driving through some parts of the country will bring you in contact with more of these bugs than other parts. That is why we are happy to wash your RV to have it ready for it's next trip. When you have a clean RV, it makes you feel good about your vehicle and you will likely enjoy driving around more. If you are looking for someone to wash your RV, we can handle it for you.


RV Wash & Wax Service

With our RV Wash & Wax service, we can make your RV's appearance restored again. We have the tools needed to effectively hand-wash and wax your vehicle. With the right tools, it takes less effort, yet offers better efficiency. If you lack the time or don’t have the tools needed to perform the work that has to be done, contact us to do it for you. Regardless of how big or small your RV is, we can handle the job of washing and waxing it.

RV Paint Enhancement

A paint enhancement is best done right after a complete exterior wash. For best results, you want the painted surfaces to be free from all debris and oxidation. If there is oxidation, you may want to have our team polish the surfaces prior to applying. We apply the wax with orbitals and then buff off the wax with micro fiber towels. This is a great way of keeping the RV's paint from fading, dulling, and extending your paint life.


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RV Services FAQs

  • Do you address the roof?

No, at this time we currently do not have our team get on your RV's roof for cleaning for safety & liability reasons. 

  • Can your shop fit my RV?

Yes! In most cases yes we can as we have not ran into that issue but if you are unsure then contact us so we can discuss your RV's length, needs, etc. 

  • How long do the results of paint enhancement last?

After the service, the next phase is maintenance. You have to properly (and routinely) wash and dry your RV moving forward to maintain the finish of your paint. If this is not achieved, you run the risk of being back to square one.

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Are you looking for professional RV & Motorhome cleaning services in Fairbanks & North Pole?

Whether it’s your RV or your trailer, Midnight Sun Mobile Detailing has you covered. The cost of these services will vary on type of RV (class, length, etc.), level of service requested, size and condition of motorhome.

If you have any questions about this service or how we can improve your RV, contact us or call/text our team at 727-292-1821 anytime for more information! 

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