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Auto Detailing Services In North Pole

Get your car cleaned and detailed at your home, office, or work location

Need a car detailer in North Pole? Look no further! We can service your vehicle whether you’re at your home, office, or work location. 

We conveniently offer both pick up & drop off services or you can drop off your vehicle at our detail shop if that works out better for you.

Not sure on your area? No worries! Please contact us and ask. We do our best to accommodate our customers. 

*Currently we are only offering mobile services for aircrafts. All other services must be done at our shop location!* 

Our Popular Detailing Services


Midnight Sun Full Detail (Ext & Int)

Do you want that feeling of getting in a like-new vehicle again? Our full detail can help make that happen!



Midnight Sun Interior Cleaning

Would you like the interior of your vehicle to have fresh restart? Has it gotten a little out of hand and needs a thorough cleaning? We can take care of that for you.



Midnight Sun Exterior Cleaning

An exterior detail can cleanse the paint of stuck on dirt and increase the shine. Whether you have an older or newer vehicle, you’ll notice the difference!


Contact us for more information & availability

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept card or just cash?

We accept both cash or card! 95% of the time we get paid with card. But it’s completely up to you. You’ll pay once the job is complete and you’re satisfied with the results. Additionally, we also have customers that simply can’t be there for the detail. So if you need to leave before the job is completed, no worries. You can pay before you leave or we can send you an online invoice to pay.

Do you need anything to get the job done? Water or power?

The two main things we need is access to power and the vehicle with enough space to work. Our mobile van is fully equipped with a pressure washer, water tanks, and everything else we need.

Can you detail my car at my job?

For the most part we can. It depends on the type of service you want and your location. For instance, if your work has a smaller populated parking lot, there’s not much free space around there. We’ll have to find a space where we can actually work. In other areas, there might be a problem depending on property management. Sometimes they allow detailers  to work there, sometimes they don’t. For the most part, we’ve never had many problems but contact us for any questions. 

We are located at 990 Deere Street #3, Fairbanks, 99709.

Are you looking for professional car detailing & car wash services in Fairbanks & North Pole?

Whether it’s your car or truck, Midnight Sun Mobile Detailing has you covered. We offer a range of services such as interior cleaning, exterior cleaning, engine bay cleaning, ceramic coating, paint correction, odor removal, stain removal, headlight restoration, etc.!

If you have any questions about these services or how we can address your vehicle's concerns, contact us or call/text our team at 727-292-1821 anytime for more information! 

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