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Ceramic Coating In Fairbanks & North Pole

We understand that a vehicle is in most cases the second biggest asset in someone's life so why not protect it. Our services allow protection against UV rays, salt, sand, exhaust fumes, pollutants, insect contaminants on the exterior. We do offer protection for the interior as well, creating a high-tech hydrophobic protective barrier to protect fabric, carpet, leather, vinyl. This allows spills and stains to clean up easy. Along with these products we are proud to offer ceramic coatings for your vehicle's headlights and glass surfaces!

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Notice: These services require you to drop off the vehicle at our shop location.

  • Our System X coating registers to your CARFAX report for maximum resale value

We use the finest pro-grade 9H professional ceramic coatings by System X® Ceramics. This nano ceramic coating product will add incredible levels of depth to the paint along with unbelievable water and dirt repellency and a rugged durability measured in years and is the best ceramic coating we have found. This ceramic coating product is applied to the vehicle’s paint, plastic trim, emblems, head/tail lights and can even be applied on top of paint protection film. Our ceramic coatings are offered in 3 Year, 6 Year, or even a 10 Year depending on chosen package. The cost of the coating will vary depending on the length of protection you want to provide to your vehicle. 

Common Myths About Ceramic Coatings ​

  • Will the coating make my vehicle scratch proof?

No the coating will not make your paint scratch-proof. The coating will resist light swirls and scratches, but genuinely very light swirls and scratches that might occur when properly washing or drying the vehicle. Still though if you drag a dry and dirty wash mitt across the paint, it will scratch the paint. If you swipe your hand or pant leg across the paint, iwill scratch it.

  • Does the coating prevent rock chips?

No the coating will not protect your paint from rock chips. The only real option that can protect your paint from rock chips will be paint protection film (PPF) which we do not currently offer. No matter how many layers you apply of any protection, whether it’s wax or ceramic coating, it will not stop the impact of a rock hitting your vehicle.

  • Once applied the coating is done and does not need maintenance right?

No the coating requires maintenance to prolong the durability. Like most things, if you don’t care for the coating, it will degrade overtime and not last it’s intended lifespan.

You do have to properly wash, dry, and boost the coating for maximum durability which is why we provide an annual inspection date sticker for each of our multi-year coating options. A coating that was meant to last for 6 years can start to break down at year 3 if not cared for properly.

What Does A Ceramic Coating For Cars Offer?

– 3 Year, 6 Year, and 10 Year Packages available for protection with our 9H Ceramic Coating

– Has hydrophobic properties which repel water

– Helps to protect against pollutants, salt, bird droppings, bug splatters, and other common contaminants

– Helps to protect your paint from harsh winter ice/snow removal chemicals & the summer sun damage

– Repels road grime from sticking to your vehicle's exterior surfaces

– Enhances the depth of color in your vehicle’s paint

– Protect the fine areas on your vehicle, such as your head/tail lights & emblems

– Helps to lengthen the life of ceramic paint sealant or car wax already on your car

– Protects against harmful UV rays, which can ruin your car’s paint and cause oxidation 

– Makes future maintenance washes easier and quicker

Annual Inspections & Warranty

Annual Inspections must be carried out by an approved installer, within 30 days before or after the anniversary date of the last service to maintain the warranty. Failure to undertake an annual inspection within the required period will void the warranty. A fee of $100 will be charged for the Annual Inspection, which includes – Exterior Detail, Decontamination, Application of Topcoat, and Inspection. Warranty terms can be found here (Click Here).

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Are you looking for professional ceramic coating services in Fairbanks & North Pole?

Whether it’s your truck or your summer sports car, Midnight Sun Mobile Detailing has you covered. The price tag of our ceramic coatings will vary depending on the length of protection you want to provide to your vehicle

If you have any questions about this service or how ceramic coatings work, contact us or call/text our team at 727-292-1821 anytime for more information! 

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